No Fanning of Tails
Thursday 16th of July 2020
For 60 years S.Q.A.F.C.A has fanned the tails of fish to get the full length of the fish to deem the fish legal or undersized. Last year the penalty was increased from 25 points to 80 points if the fish caught was deemed undersized This method of measuring fish is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE by Fisheries to all S.Q.A.F.C.A & Q.A.F.C.A. Clubs throughout Queensland. All members must lay the fish on the m .....
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Covid-19: Competitions & Meetings
Thursday 26th of March 2020
Based on the current situation in regards to the Covid19 Virus, all SQAFCA competitions and meetings are suspended until further notice. The following aspects need to be considered. Travel for non-essential purposes. The Federal Government has banned Social sporting-based activities. Social distancing measures. Our duty of care to our fellow members. QAFCA have reschedu .....
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ARB Sponsor for the 1st Round Surf Title
Thursday 5th of March 2020
Great news! Australian leading 4WD accessories supplier A.R.B. is sponsoring the 1st round of the S.Q.A.F.C.A. Surf Titles now called the Open Beach 2020 Titles. A.R.B. has been supplying all the “bells and whistles” for not only S.Q.A.F.C.A’s large fleet of 4WDs, but for all our tenants that rent our 5 club houses on Moreton Island. Now, if you want a 4WD accessory, just click on the li .....
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Christmas 2019 Break Up
Thursday 13th of February 2020
South Queensland Amateur Fishing Club’s Association (S.Q.A.F.C.A) Inc. ABN: 92 547 184 431 Meade Murphy – Publicity Officer 0411-244-774 February 2020 Christmas 2019 Break Up Better late than never as the old saying goes! Redcliffe City Amateur Anglers finally held their Christmas break up trip last weekend, 7th February 2020. This trip was to be held 2 .....
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Happy New Year and Australia Day
Thursday 23rd of January 2020
SQAFCA WEBSITE NEWS Happy New Year and Australia Day ! Wow, what a full on Christmas & New Year it has been for some of the S.Q.A.F.C.A. clubs who have clubhouses on Moreton Island. At the end of November fire broke out as a result of a lightning strike out the back of Cowan – over the next week it slowly travelled north to the township of Bulwer. With 5 club houses to defend on The S .....
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