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Thursday 23rd of January 2020
#65 :   Happy New Year and Australia Day
Author  Meade Murphy


Happy New Year and Australia Day !

Wow, what a full on Christmas & New Year it has been for some of the S.Q.A.F.C.A. clubs who have clubhouses on Moreton Island.

At the end of November fire broke out as a result of a lightning strike out the back of Cowan – over the next week it slowly travelled north to the township of Bulwer. With 5 club houses to defend on The Strand we took a watch and act stance to see if the wind would change and the fire burn back into itself. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and the Bulwer Volunteer Fire Fighters had an incredible fight on their hands to save Bulwer ....and they did! As a show of thanks, both R.C.A.A. and V.N.A.F.C ran a raffle over a week and raised $1580.00. The volunteers have used this money to buy 2 x bbqs and a pop up marquee for fund raising. This Sunday, Australia Day, they will host their first beach sausage sizzle on the beach in front of Bulwer. We all hope they do well and that it turns into a regular event.

Also, Alvey Reels is holding a competition to win a new Nissan 4WD. When you buy a reel – enter the number on the box online to go into the competition.

See link to enter the competition: alvey.com.au/nissan

Mr Bruce Alvey is not only a life member of S.Q.A.F.C.A. but also the patron of S.Q.A.F.C.A. and sponsor of the Len Thompson. Please support Bruce, buy a reel and enter the competition.

The next S.Q.A.F.C.A. competition is the Moreton Island Light Gear round on March 7th 2020. See you all there !

Meade Murphy

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