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Thursday 22nd of October 2020
#73 :   RODGOD
Author  Meade Murphy

Last year as judge on the A.R.B. Fishing Classic, I met two young blokes from Rainbow Beach who created a fishing product called the Rodgod. As judge, not being able to fish the competition myself, my partner Leanne drove around the island to see a number of fishermen using this product and raving about the Rodgod.

My partner Leanne bought me a Rodgod for Father's Day, and due to the bush fire on Moreton Island at the end of last year, I didn't get to use it until the 3rd round of the Light Gear in March. I couldn't believe how good this product is as I caught 30 dart, 9 whiting and 4 bream with a total of 43 fish in the competition. Our competition is a two rod trip - I had my 4144 dart rod out wide to the right and throwing my 3126 whiting rod in short to the left. What amazed me, that standing behind this product watching my glow tips on my rod, not only didn't I get any tangles from the two rods, I was hardly missing any fish! I took this as first being lucky, but then I took it to the 2nd round of the Open Beach in August on Moreton Island. I caught 30 whiting and 5 bream - total of 35 fish with no tangles. For 30 odd years I ran between 2 rods in 2 rod holders wearing a wading bag and a bait bucket often missing fish. This would make me very annoyed, not to mention being tired by morning. Now I just take my Rodgod, a bucket, my rods and bait. Now I'm also trophy officer of Redcliffe City Amature Anglers, these Rodgods at the average price of $100.00 each is a great prize for all S.Q.A.F.C.A clubs for such prizes as heaviest fish. They are also a great birthday present or Christmas present. Click on the above link and check them out for yourself.

Meade Murphy
Publicity Officer

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