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Minimum/Maximum Fish Length and Bag Limits

Allowable Fish Length and Bag Limits

Bag Limit

For Additional information on all regulations for fishing please visit
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Notice to All SQAFCA Members

All scale-bearing fish not appearing on our list must measure at least 30cm.

A bag limit of 5 per species will apply to unlisted scale-bearing fish with a maximum of 20 in total allowed to be weighed in.

GARFISH will be measured from the tip of the upper jaw to the end of the tail.

WHIPTAIL will be measured to the end of the lower or shorter tail.

A maximum number of 102 points will be allowed on any single fish at all events.

Undersized fish will incur a penalty of 25 points each.

A competitor who presents a number of fish at the weigh-in which is in excess of the allowable number, will forfeit the largest of that species (being one, or more than one) and will incur a penalty of 25 points for each of the offending fish.

Fish Name Allowable Length (cm) Bag Limits
Australian Bass302
Bream2530 (including Tarwhine)
COD - estuary38 (max 120)5 (total cod)
DART - swallowtail3030
Eel Tail Catfish (Freshwater)355
Flathead - dusky40 (max 75)5
Flathead - other than dusky305
Javelin - small spotted grunter3010
Jew - mulloway752
Jew - teraglin385
Kingfish - black752
Kingfish - yellowtail602
Mackerel - grey605
Mackerel - school5010
Mackerel - shark5010
Mackerel - spanish753
Mackerel - spotted605
Mackerel - wahoo752
Mangrove Jack355
Mullet - sea3020
Pearl Perch355
Perch - moses255
Salmon (Australian)30 (arbitrary)10 (artibrary)
Snapper354 (1 over 70)
Sole25 (arbitrary)5
TARWHINE2530 (inc. with bream)
Trevally30 (arbitrary)20
Tusk Fish306 in total
Whiting - summer2330
Whiting - winter23 (arbitrary)50

This information is subject to change, and members should check with Fisheries Queensland website (or phone their Client Service Centre on 13 25 23) for the latest information.
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