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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Article By  Meade Murphy   ( Created on 19th of March 2011 )

Q1 - I go fishing, but I don't catch any fish. What am I doing wrong?
Most recreational fisherman fish at the wrong time and place for different species, on the wrong tide and moon cycle with the wrong gear and the wrong bait.
Q2 - If I join a fishing club will I catch fish?
All the clubs pick their trips on the moon cycle and tides when the desired species of fish are at their best.
Q3 - What bait do I use for certain species of fish?
Being a member of a club, you will be informed of what bait you will require for the species of fish you will be fishing for on each trip.
Q4 - Do clubs adhere to Government Laws?
All clubs fish to the Fisheries Queensland arbitrary lengths and bag limits. There is a 25 point bag limit on each breach and disqualification on multiple breaches. It is advised to ask your club captain if you are unsure for the weigh-in.
Q5 - Do clubs fish in adverse weather conditions?
All S.Q.A.F.C.A. fishing clubs fish under the Q.A.F.C.A. risk management to obtain insurance. Clubs will not fish offshore if the wind is greater than 15 knots. Boat estuary competitions will depend on the estuary type and wind direction. The club captain or competition secretary will decide the boundaries on the day of the trip for the best safety reasons.
Q6 - Do clubs have Public Liability Insurance?
All S.Q.A.F.C.A. clubs are insured under Q.A.F.C.A. division insurance policy. These old divisions are insured to and from and on any club trip or sanctioned club social event.
Q7 - What is a inter-club competition?
This is when clubs fish against one another at S.Q.A.F.C.A titles. Then there is the divisions from the Tweed to Cairns that fish against one another in Q.A.F.C.A. titles. Then there is the State Divisions that fish against one another in A.A.A. titles.
Q8 - What Gear will I need?
The club captain of each club will inform you what gear you will require depending on whether the trip is boat estuary, surf, freshwater or offshore.
Q9 - What social activities do the clubs have?
Most clubs have a social program. This will include annual dinner and trophy presentations, break up trips, christmas trees, bus trips etc.
Q10 - Is club fishing a lot of fun or is it very competitive?
Every club trip is a new adventure. It's the thrill of the chase combined with the comradeship of your mates. The A graders might be very competitive but your B graders are usually a combination of social and competitive fishing. Remember every trip is a hit or miss situation.


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