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Winter Whiting fishing in Moreton Bay

Article By  David Bateman AM   ( Created on 24th of June 2011 )

Winter whiting are generally a smaller class of fish found in the shallow open waters of Moreton Bay & despite their name they can be caught all year round.

They are the most popular of the whiting species with a bag limit of 50 fish & no size limit, as opposed to their bigger cousin the summer or yellowfin whiting with a limit of 30 & 23cm minimum size limit.

Winter whiting are found throughout the Bay with the most productive areas being Deception Bay, Cockle banks off Bribie Island, the Blue hole at Moreton Island, Bramble Bay, off the Mouth of the Brisbane River, around most of the southern Bay Islands , Banana Banks & generally any areas under five metres with a weedy sandy bottom.

Mostly they are taken by boat fishermen but do appear around the jetties such as Shorncliffe & Woody point during winter. The best fishing time is during daylight & one of the best ways to find the fishing area is to look for the congregation of boats.

Winter whiting will bite on almost any baits but most anglers prefer worms, prawns, yabbies or strips of squid.

They are voracious feeders & most anglers use a two hook rig with the sinker on the bottom or a single hook with a trace. The preferred size of hook is either a number 4 or 6 long shank & sometimes a piece of red plastic will attract bigger fish.

Drifting in three to five metres of water is definitely the best way to find the fish & if they are plentiful then anchoring in the right spot will give good results if the fish are schooled up.

They are best kept in clean salt water in an esky & washer in clean salt water before filleting - this will ensure a prime eating fish.


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