South Queensland Amateur Fishing Clubs Association.


Article By  Meade Murphy   ( Created on 18th of March 2011 )

S.Q.A.F.C.A is made up of 24 fishing clubs from South East Queensland. This makes S.Q.A.F.C.A. the largest division in Queensland. These fishing clubs have a number of fishing club houses both on the main land and Moreton Island.

The members of S.Q.A.F.C.A. presently own the largest fleet of privately owned boats and 4WD's in Queensland. Our association is also the largest purchaser of Bait, Tackle and boat fuel in the state.

The members of S.Q.A.C.F.A. are a large support mechanism to all fishing infrastructure in Queensland.

S.Q.A.F.C.A. has in the past shared its "on the ground" fishing data with Government departments on the state of the Moreton Bay fishery. S.Q.A.F.C.A. participates in catch, tag and release projects for Fisheries Queensland and has on request supplied fish frames for testing of mercury levels and disease etc, for the health of the fishery for the Government.

It was S.Q.A.F.C.A.s expertise that helped negotiate the yellow, blue and green zones with the E.P.A., D.P.I. and Sunfish in relation to bait gathering grounds, fishing etc.

10 years ago, S.Q.A.F.C.A's own resource sustainability research made S.Q.A.F.C.A. increase the size of Bream to 25cm when the D.P.I. length was only 23cm. Most fishermen do not know, but most Bream are males up to the size of 23cm and can turn female up to 25cm. D.P.I. finally adopted this legal length in march of 2010 and will increase the breeding cycle of the Qld Bream fishery.

Also some of the S.Q.A.F.C.A. members participated in an angler education program for their local schools.

In summary S.Q.A.F.C.A. is a major part of every aspect of recreational fishing for the last 50 years and will continue to be so.

S.Q.A.F.C.A. Publicity Officer


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