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Thursday 16th of July 2020
#71 :   No Fanning of Tails
Author  Meade Murphy

For 60 years S.Q.A.F.C.A has fanned the tails of fish to get the full length of the fish to deem the fish legal or undersized. Last year the penalty was increased from 25 points to 80 points if the fish caught was deemed undersized

This method of measuring fish is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE by Fisheries to all S.Q.A.F.C.A & Q.A.F.C.A. Clubs throughout Queensland. All members must lay the fish on the measuring stick and the tail must be over the legal length with the tail as it swims to be legal. The trouble with this method is that all the recreational fishermen/women cannot measure a dart on a commercial Alvery measuring stick. We would have to have a stick 120mm wide to do so or take a set square to put on the Alvery measuring stick. It is obvious the Fisheries Queensland didn't consider this when they implemented this legislation, otherwise they would have implemented legislation similar to the American's - to measure all fish at the fork of their tail.

It would be wise this weekend to release all bream under 26cm fanned and all whiting under 24cm fanned on capture. This will ensure that you will not be breaking any laws and you will not be penalised 50 points as we won't be fanning any tails to measure any fish.

Best Regards
Meade Murphy
Publicity Officer

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